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About eighty years ago, the first patented construction technology of buildings made of monolithic concrete in formwork, which is used more than once. Over the next years, the world has accumulated a wide experience of similar construction.

But the first positions were taken by a prefabricated composite material made of concrete and steel, as an alternative to a monolith, since its use made it possible to install building frames quickly. This made the price of the object much cheaper and solved the problem of developing housing construction BuildService Group.

In our article, we will talk about the types and design features of frames of one type or another, and offer a video viewing in this article on the topic: «Unified precast monolithic concrete frame.»

Advantages and disadvantages

Monolithic concrete frames are used in the construction of both high-rise and high-rise structures, as well as in the construction of small private buildings. In the first version, this is a technical necessity due to the strength of such a material option; in the other, it is not economically justified, since inexpensive components can be used. The good qualities of using a monolithic concrete frame in construction include:

  • good carrier data;
  • long service life;
  • long spans (6 m);
  • good manufacturing of the frame components is completely carried out in production, which justifies their reliability.

In view of the fact that large platforms can be created with monolithic concrete frames, the possibility of planning the space inside becomes wider. Of the minuses, only the heavy weight of the structures can be named.

Precast industrial frame building

Monolithic frame construction technology

Under such frames can be used as floating foundations, and strip or columnar with an element of the base of the house. In this case, not only floors between floors, but also columns are poured into the formwork. In many cases, this technology is used to build not very large one- or two-storey buildings of the housing stock.

Precast industrial frame building

It includes the method of building houses on a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, in most cases the following steps:

  • foundation construction according to the standard method;
  • pouring columns;
  • pouring floors between floors.
  Стеклянная или эмалированная газовая варочная панель

Details in monolithic monolithic concrete frames of one-story buildings are rigidly connected to each other. No hinge links are used in such structures. In this case, the connection of the columns with the ceilings and the base is carried out with the help of reinforcement with further monolithing with a solution of cement.

Columns in such buildings are poured in most cases in formwork with a square or square section with right angles. This makes further wall construction much more comfortable. Under the floors, the formwork in such houses is installed on specialized telescopic factory racks, located with a smaller step one from one. Also in this case, supports from a bar of a sufficiently large section can be used.

The frame made of reinforcement in the reinforced structures of the frame is made of thick steel rods. When assembling it, both welding and simple knitting wire can be used.

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